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Floor Plans

Our floor plans are produced for both printing and web viewing. These gray-tone drawings include color logos and your photograph (as desired) . Print-ready plans are 8 1/2" x 11" format, universally readable & printable full-color PDF's. Web-ready plans are full-color one-page scrolling website and are viewable on all devices.


Our professional photographs are taken with professional lighting, full-frame DSLR camera, variable wide-angle lens, and edited with Photoshop software.

Interactive Floor Plans

Our interactive floor plans embed our professional photography into the floor plans.

We add hot spots into the floor plans so that as the user mouses over the camera icon they will instantly see the photo of that view.


Our photo-realistic 3-D renderings are useful for new construction that is to be built. They accurately portray exterior details, size/scale relationships and setting of the project.

These print-ready illustrations are delivered as high resolution jpeg images.


Do I have to Measure?

No. We measure the rooms with a laser or work from existing builder’s construction plans.

How long does it take to get the drawings after you measure a house?

Turnaround is usually 1-3 days, depending on the day of the week and season. Shorter time frames can be accommodated on an individual basis for a rush charge.

What do I get for my Print Brochures?

Print-ready plans are produced as HD PDF files. These are compatible with all devices.

How do I get the photos?

The photos are placed in drop-box for you to download.

How do the plans get on the MLS and the Web?

Web-ready plans are a full-color one-page scrolling website and are viewable on all devices. They are IDX-compliant. We link them directly to the MLS-PIN once you give us the MLS Number.

How does the virtual tour get on the MLS and the Web?

We link them directly to the MLS-PIN once you give us the MLS Number.

Can you put my logo on the plans?

The print-ready plans can have your logo, picture, contact information, etc. The web-ready plans cannot.

Can you determine the living area of a house?

From time to time, we will provide clients with a "finished area", as calculated by our computer drafting program with dimensions from inside walls to inside walls. For these purposes, "finished area" is defined as spaces with finished walls & ceiling (such as paint or wallpaper) and floor covering (such as carpet, vinyl, ceramic or wood). We make no representation that "finished area" equals "living area". Clients who use the provided approximate measured dimensions or provided "finished area" to claim "living area" are solely responsible for any claims they make.

How accurate are your plans?

We try to be as accurate as humanly possible but provided content is for marketing purposes only, is an approximation of existing structures and features, and is provided for convenience only with the permission of the seller. All room sizes are approximate and not guaranteed to be exact or to scale.

Do you stage the house for photos?

No. The home should be camera-ready. We will do some micro-staging to best flatter a room.



a small sampling of our most recent work

Floor Plans

up to 1500 SF ... $130*  |  1500-3000 SF ... $155*  |  3000-4500 SF ... $170*  |   4500-6000 SF ... $220*  |  6000-7500 SF ... $245*  | 
7500-9000 SF ... $270*  | 9000-10500 SF ... $350*  | larger - call for quote  | 

*Craftsman/Shingle-style add $50


Up to 30 final photos ...$80    |    Up to 50 final photos ...$125


Photography and Floor Plans Packages

up to 3000 SF ... $235  |  3000-4000 SF ... $295  |  4000-5000 SF ... $345  |   5000-6500 SF ... $400  |
  6500-7500 SF ... $450  |  larger - call for quote  | 

About Us

Our Mission is simple ... help our clients sell their real estate.

YourPlans Floor Plans is an Internet-Based Information Service Company that helps convey information with high visual impact. We work for: professional brokers, realtors, developers, builders, private sellers, and virtually anyone involved in the marketing of real estate.

Customer Service... You and your sellers are our top priority, we always return calls quickly and try whenever possible to accomodate your hectic schedules.

Exclusivity... Our work is associated with a limited number of brokers, realtors and builders.

Flexibility ...If you have a special request you don't see on our site, feel free to contact us, we're always willing to work with you.

Availability... Our work schedule mirrors yours, weekends and evening appointments are available. Our phones and email are always on.

Our commitment is to make your marketing materials both functional and beautiful, effortlessly conveying room dimensions and square footage, clarifying confusing home layouts, demonstrating unique property features, helping buyers/users visualize these important characteristics, enabling them to review the property again and again from nearby or at great distances, and saving everyone's time.

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